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We are the market leader in safety solutions for the tunnel industry, where we supply electronic crew lists, tracking of personnel and machines, fire alarm equipment, 4G / WiFi coverage, radios (UHF / Push-to-Talk) and ventilation control.

In recent years, we have developed solutions that take care of construction machinery and those who use them in everyday life. We streamline everyday life by extracting data from the machine park and making available what provides value to our customers through our API.

Our customer list consists of large and well-known brands such as AF Gruppen, Hæhre Entreprenører, Implenia, Veidekke, NCC and we deliver our services to both Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

Our core competence is in the Internet of Things (IoT) and we develop effective solutions that contribute to increased focus on health, environment and safety.

Our APIs


Effera Insight Workforce

Workforce reports and history data

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Effera Insight

AEMP data for your fleet

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Effera IoT

Location data for fleet and equipment

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